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What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

Simply put, coaching is a well-structured series of conversations between a professional coach and a client, with the intent to guide the client toward a more fulfilled and positively enhanced personal and professional life. This is most successfully achieved by guiding a client in setting tailored goals and intentions, and establishing realistic actions to achieve those goals and intentions. Professional Coaches work in partnership (for an agreed number of sessions) with their clients to remove obstacles, convert challenges into possibilities, eliminate self-defeating behaviours and beliefs, and guide the client towards making their aspirations and intentions a reality. The coach holds you accountable for your progress

By taking on a personal coach you learn:

  • Identify your values and beliefs and realise the disconnection between your values and actions so that you can fulfil your aspirations and live your life powerfully
  • Set goals that create a future where you want to live, are balanced and comes from who you really are as a person
  • Deal with stuckness – Sense of drifting thinking that “there must be something better, this cannot be as good as it gets”.
  • Increase awareness of self-limiting beliefs; Take control of your sabotaging voice that stops your going forward and living life at your full potential.
  • Focuses on how you use your energy- how you lose energy and how you charge up
  • Recognise that you always have choices. The next move is always yours. You will learn to take full control of your life in all areas, step by step.
  • No longer fear or avoid change, but embrace it for all the positive opportunities and learning potential it can offer.
  • Become proactive and enthusiastic about yourself and your life, both NOW and in the future.


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